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Welcome to the brand new home of Renegade Tickets, the best place to sell your tickets on the secondary market for the lowest fee in the industry. Our online submission service is the culmination of 25 years of industry experience and over 250,000 happy ticket buyers and sellers in our network. We have independent broker partners with marketplaces all over the US and Canada. These individuals and thousands of others have joined forces to become Renegade Tickets. Officially formalizing our operations and representing the most robust alternative low cost ticket sales platform on the market. Since 1998 our member ticket brokers have worked independently with tens of thousands of individuals across North America to get the best price for their tickets. Now you can find them all under one roof, ready to give you the best possible selling experience for the lowest price.


We created a network of ticket marketplaces to get you the best deal

With our network of 25+ ticket marketplaces, we can guarantee that you’ll always get the lowest fees from us.

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We only support sellers that are residents within the United States (excluding US territories) with United States bank accounts and Canadian residents with Canadian bank accounts.

You’ll need to know what event your tickets are for and the exact seat location, including seat numbers. We will also ask you to disclose important information about your tickets, such as: if they’re limited, partial, or obstructed view, seats in a ADA accessible (wheelchair) row, etc. You’ll also be asked to provide a valid credit card or debit card to list your tickets.

There’s no cost to list your tickets for sale. You can delete your listing(s) at any time as long as they haven’t yet sold. You’re only charged a 15% commission if your tickets sell.

When your tickets sell, you’ll receive a payout equal to 85% of the total sale price, while Renegade Tickets and its partners receive a 15% commission. For example, if your tickets sell through one of our Partner Marketplaces for $100, you’ll receive a payout of $85.

We understand that mistakes happen, but buyers are not as understanding. When your tickets sell, you’re obligated to provide those exact seats to the buyer. If you don’t have those exact tickets, but you have other ones to provide as replacements, it will be at Renegade Ticket’s sole discretion if they’re comparable or better than the ones that were originally sold. If they’re not, you will be charged a replacement fee equal to our cost to acquire suitable replacement tickets or to find another suitable resolution with the buyer. Bottom line: be sure to be responsible and diligent when listing tickets for sale, because you’ll be expected to fulfill the order.

We pay out sellers up to 14 days after the event has taken place to ensure there were no issues for the buyer. You will receive an email from us on your estimated payout date to provide your payment information.

Please note, we only support payouts to residents within the United States (excluding US territories) with United States bank accounts and Canadian residents with Canadian bank accounts.

Yes. When you’re listing tickets for sale, you’ll be asked if the tickets are currently in your possession. If they’re not, you’ll be able to mark an “in-hand date,” which will be advertised on your ticket listing to potential buyers. Please be as conservative as possible when setting your in-hand date. If you’re unable to deliver your tickets by the in-hand date as promised, Renegade Tickets may cancel the sale at its sole discretion and you may be subject to cancellation/replacement fees.

Yes. As the final step of the listing process, you’ll be prompted to attach the PDF(s) of your e-tickets. If the tickets sell through Renegade Tickets, they’ll be instantly delivered to the buyer.

A member of our team will verify the legitimacy of the ticket and provide an estimated sales price. This number is meant to be a guideline and the final decision on price will be left to the seller.


Tickets may be listed up to six months in advance of the event. The minimum allowed allocated sales time for submission is 21 days prior to the event.

If the ticket has not sold within 14 days of the event it will be returned to the seller at no cost. This is to protect our marketplace partners from the fraud risks associated with last minute ticket sales and allows us to keep our fees low.


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I can't believe how much money I've lost selling tickets on sites like StubHub and Seat Geek!!! I wish I found out about Renegade Tickets earlier. I would've saved hundreds of dollars!!

Jennifer Grimes

Happy Customer
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Every other ticket site is a ripoff!!! Renegade Tickets is the only site I've found that actually charges reasonable fees. I won't be selling tickets anywhere else.

Justin Afreno

Happy Customer